Eternal Summer premieres at Sydney Fringe Festival

Review by Australian composer Phillip Wilcher:

“If the art of song were high fashion, soprano Laura King’s ‘Eternal Summer’ recital of songs by leading female Australian composers, held over three nights at the Seymour Centre in Sydney during September 2017, was worthy of a Milan runway.
Just as do the quirks and quixotic flights of fancy in haute couture lend themselves to the finest of talents requiring a tireless work ethic to sustain them, so too does Laura King’s dedication to her art, and her love for music-making at its most intimate and evocative, lend itself to a narrative that successfully explores the visual as well as the vocal aspects of singing. In presenting a program of art songs, she showcased each song as a work of art.
Laura’s willingness to dare to be different, and to express herself as an independent spirit free of formal trends, yet “trending” each tune with as fine a temper as she does with a faithful and faultless timbre, is what will assure her of a unique, and ultimately long-standing career. Of that I have no doubt.
Together with composer/pianist Rosie Riebl, whose own setting of poetry by William Blake were part of the evening’s program, Laura sang songs by Elena Kats-Chernin, Betty Beath and Katie Noonan. Each memorable setting hung almost suspended over the stage as a fringe of jewels, to crown each member of the audience sovereigns of song as they listened.
I have followed Laura’s career avidly over the years, and it has been an honour and my privilege to do so. She is an Artist in the making of whom Australia will be very proud and rightly so, as I have been proud to bear witness to her development. Hers is a name to remember.”

Promotional Image for Eternal Summer with pianist Rosie Reibl